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Whether it’s auditing your current activities, planning for the future, or conducting a comprehensive market analysis, we’re here to help you identify the best path toward achieving your goals!

We accompany you in realizing your ambitions throughout our mandate, guiding you through the various steps of the marketing journey. As an accredited trainer, we empower your team to achieve a higher level of autonomy, tailored to your desired level of proficiency.


The right media mix is the key to all successful advertising campaigns. We handle your online ads and traditional media planning, to ensure alignment with your business strategy.
Looking to improve your website's visibility or optimize its user experience? You’re in the right place, and we’ll show you how to get your business in the right search engine ranking too!
Store, collect, present, and analyze: we transform complex data into opportunities. We provide a comprehensive overview of your activities to equip you in your decision-making!
Emails allow businesses to maintain a privileged connection with their community. Our expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email campaigns, and deliverability boosts your marketing efforts where it matters most!

Continuously ,

Optimization is Our Second Nature.

Marketing evolves almost as fast as we do! When we talk about optimization at Code, we are talking about a clear method that we apply rigorously, and cyclically. We are constantly looking for solutions to improve the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and maximize their performance. We are convinced that everything can be improved, so we question and refine everything we put in place to become your development partner.

Receive a $15,000 Grant for Developing a Digital Adoption Plan

As certified digital advisors for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, we’re here to support you in developing your plan. Let us decode your path to success.

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