Whether it’s auditing your current activities, planning for the future, or conducting a comprehensive market analysis, we’re here to help you identify the best path toward achieving your goals!


Why Conduct an Audit?

To truly understand, sometimes you need to take a step back. We delve deep into your marketing activities to identify opportunities for enhancing efficiency and profitability.

  • Discover quick-win opportunities.
  • Evaluate the quality of your work.
  • Identify improvement paths for your team.
  • Estimate and quantify the efforts needed to implement recommendations.

Ideal for Clients Who:

are currently investing in advertising
are dissatisfied with their results
want a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
Service de planification


Why Establish a Marketing Plan?

We plan your marketing activities on an annual, quarterly, or even monthly basis to maximize your impact! From conception to organization and project management, we’re here for you.

  • Verify the feasibility of objectives.
  • Strategically allocate your investments.
  • Establish your needs (deliverables, meetings, documentation).
  • Ensure synergy between planned activities.
  • Respect your capacity for change management.
  • Determine key performance indicators.
  • Organize an effective accountability process.
  • And avoid unpleasant surprises!

Ideal for Clients Who:

have defined objectives and a budget
need to address multiple audiences
want to optimize the allocation of their efforts


Why Develop a Strategy?

Strategic analysis in marketing allows us to identify opportunities, anticipate threats, and leverage a company’s strengths based on market trends. It acts as a guide through your evolution and in achieving your goals!

  • Identify, qualify, and quantify your clientele.
  • Segment your clientele into different audiences and potential markets.
  • Calculate and compare the financial potential of these different segments.
  • Analyze and understand what sets you apart in the market.
  • Adapt messages, channels, and approach.
  • Establish an action plan to achieve your long-term goals.
Service de stratégie

Ideal for Clients Who:

have big ambitions
operate in a competitive market
want to better understand their clientele

Our Approaches Are Supported By:

How Does the Strategy Work?

We start by learning more about your context, ambitions, hypotheses, and business objectives. We start by delving into all relevant data. Typically, this is where we request access to your data and platforms.

We scrutinize all the information gathered to identify what performs best and what works less effectively. This is the stage where we uncover our insights! Based on our observations and identified opportunities, we provide recommendations to maximize your impact. We then evaluate them using the impact/effort matrix, prioritizing those that will yield the most results for the same effort.

It’s time for take-off: we plan the work to help you achieve your objectives, all within the confines of your budget.

We continue to deepen our understanding (and yours!) of the market to better comprehend your audience and implement the right tactics.

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