CRM and Marketing Automation

Emails allow businesses to maintain a privileged connection with their community. Our expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email campaigns, and deliverability boosts your marketing efforts where it matters most!


Why Implement a CRM?

If you’re an SME looking to understand your customer journey, foster customer loyalty, and centralize contact information to identify opportunities, we’ll walk you through the implementation of personalized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

  • Safeguard consent-related information.
  • Create a comprehensive history of all interactions with customers, whether current or potential.
  • Inform sales teams of next strategic actions.
  • Trace the source of new contacts to specific marketing efforts.
  • Quantify the value of a lead with better precision.
service CRM

Ideal for Clients Who:

have extended purchasing cycles
have customers making recurrent purchases
organize online events

Emailing and Deliverability

Why Send Communications to Your Clients?

Unlock the full potential of your contact lists with effective tactics! Our specialists assist you in communicating efficiently with your clientele and ensuring a healthy management of your database.

  • Engage directly with your clients through emails or SMS.
  • Ensure the proper reception of your emails, avoiding spam folders.
  • Reduce dependency on advertisements and external platforms.
  • Generate more revenue.

Ideal for Clients Who:

have extended purchasing cycles
sell online
organize online events

Marketing Automation

Why Automate your Email Campaigns?

In the world of online commerce, customer experience and personalized service take center stage. We automate your marketing to provide a seamless journey for your clients and save you valuable time. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

  • Craft communication sequences to facilitate sales and gather feedback.
  • Further Reduce Dependency on advertisements and external platforms.
  • Generate More Revenue
  • Scale and personalize communications without multiplying costs.
Marketing automatisé

Ideal for Clients Who:

already have a CRM in place
want to accelerate growth without increasing human efforts
seek to save time on lower-value actions

Our Toolbox

Our Process

We start by defining, in collaboration with you, your ideal customer, their buying journey, and the pivotal moments leading to conversion. Then, we outline the structure of different communication sequences and design the content that will feed into the customer relationship.

Next, we analyze the technologies and content you currently use to determine if they can meet the requirements. Based on our recommendations and your resources, we implement communication sequences by enhancing your existing tools or introducing new ones.

We assist you in creating missing content by guiding you to qualified resources and listing specific needs. Once we have everything in place and well-configured, we’re ready for takeoff: we launch campaigns and initiate sequences.

Finally, we monitor the evolution of performance to optimize the sequences and the offered content, providing you with appropriate recommendations for the future.

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