Business Intelligence

Store, collect, present, and analyze: we transform complex data into opportunities. We provide a comprehensive overview of your activities to equip you in your decision-making!


Why Consider your Web Analytics?

Who in the business world has never dreamed of having all the crucial information at their fingertips to understand, measure, and improve their online performance? Web Analytics is an essential tool to:

  • Implement the right tools to gather information.
  • Identify your priority marketing metrics and their value.
  • Synchronize various tools and facilitate access to quality information.
  • Benefit from AI-driven recommendations.
  • Maximize your audience knowledge.
  • Promote audience sharing across platforms.

A Few Useful Tools for Web Analytics

Ideal for Clients Who:

have multiple touchpoints on their website
have goals related to the use of their website
want to add a financial dimension to their marketing
Gestion du consentement

Consent Management

Why Manage Consent on Your Website?

Laws regarding the protection of personal information and the right to privacy are increasing. We stay up to code about best practices in consent management to guide you and provide suitable solutions.

  • Improve the collection of consent when a visitor arrives on your website.
  • Understand the usage of the consent management tool.
  • Nuance results appropriately.
  • Comply with applicable laws in all your markets.
  • Gather strategic information while respecting the privacy of visitors.
Required for all businesses in Québec with a website.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Why Keeping a Pulse on Your Data is Vital:

Imagine all the information, in just one glance! Looking for a dashboard that allows you to visualize, cross-reference, and synthesize data from multiple sources? Analysis and data visualization allow you to:

  • Monitor the evolution of results based on your objectives.
  • Calculate the economic impact for your organization.
  • Quickly identify efforts that contribute the most.
  • Ask and answer the right questions.
  • Quickly compile data for quarterly or annual reports.
  • Standardize and uniformize the collection, storage, and processing of data.
  • Better manage access to sensitive data.
Analyse des données

Our Tools

Ideal for Clients Who:

need to inform multiple stakeholders
use multiple channels
want to facilitate the understanding of information

Our Process

First, we work with you to identify your various data sources, both online and offline. We then discuss how you currently utilize these data sets, particularly in the context of making marketing decisions.

We identify opportunities and risks associated with your current data usage. Then, we propose solutions to capitalize on these opportunities or mitigate potential risks.

We implement the approved solutions and enhance them over time. Leveraging new data insights, we conduct in-depth analyses to extract valuable insights, continually refining our strategies for improved outcomes.

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