Advisory Service

We accompany you in realizing your ambitions throughout our mandate, guiding you through the various steps of the marketing journey. As an accredited trainer, we empower your team to achieve a higher level of autonomy, tailored to your desired level of proficiency.

Project and Client Care

What Does Project and Client Care Mean at Code?

We are the guardians of the mandate you entrust to us. Planning major milestones, ensuring deadlines, and staying within budgets— we take care of it all. In concrete terms, this means:

  • Addressing your questions and concerns.
  • Helping handle unforeseen challenges.
  • Enhancing your understanding of results and their impact on your organization.
  • Communicating our added value to other internal stakeholders.
  • Understanding project progress and the evolution of results.
Service d'accompagnement
Service conseil

Advisory Service

What's the difference between support and advisory service?

Proactively and diligently managing your projects is a good start, but at Code, we go further! We help you navigate through changes that occur along the way and propose informed alternatives to continue your evolution together. Here’s how:

  • Providing high-value recommendations.
  • Anticipating and detecting risks for better prevention.
  • Challenging our clients to enhance their long-term results.
  • Stepping back and contributing during tough decisions.


Why train your team with us?

As an Emploi-Québec accredited trainer, we offer eligible training for skill development activities under the 1% payroll law. You can rely on a team that holds both practical and theoretical expertise to:

  • Gain autonomy.
  • Maximize synergies with your agency.
  • Develop your teams and reap the rewards.
Service de formation

Receive a $15,000 Grant for Developing a Digital Adoption Plan

As certified digital advisors for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, we’re here to support you in developing your plan. Let us decode your path to success.

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