The right media mix is the key to all successful advertising campaigns. We handle your online ads and traditional media planning, to ensure alignment with your business strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Why Advertise on Search Engines?

Let’s be honest, who really checks the second page of results on Google? The answer: less than 10% of people. That might explain why Google has removed it! At Code, we ensure that your business appears among the top search results.

  • Make your business known to an audience actively searching for your product or service.
  • Increase visibility without relying on organic search.
  • Quantify the return on investment from your advertising campaign.
  • Understand if your offer is appealing to those searching for it.
  • Improve your online experience based on observed performance.

Let Us Improve your Ranking on Top Search Engines:

Ideal for Clients Who:

have a well-known and sought-after offering
have a website that facilitates conversion
are looking to attract quality traffic

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Why Advertise on Social Media?

Behind social media advertising, there’s typically an agency like us. We’re here to showcase content that interests users, and helps you achieve your advertising goals.

  • Increase visibility among your target audience based on socio-demographic and behavioral criteria.
  • Introduce your business and offerings to new potential customers.
  • Precisely quantify your return on investment.
  • Grow your notoriety in a given market.
  • Leverage your internal data to target potential customers.

Some of Our Well-Mastered Social Media Platforms Include:

Ideal for Clients Who:

have a distinctive visual identity
aim to influence a target audience where they are
promote competitive offers

360 Media

Why Advertise in 360 Media?

Traditional advertising still holds a prominent place in the marketing world, and it’s no exception at Code. Whether online or in conventional, local, or mass media, advertising is our forte!

  • Benefit from the synchronicity effect: everyone sees the advertisement at the same time.
  • Enhance your credibility by associating with industry-leading content.
  • Play a role in sustaining media health.
  • Enhance your competitiveness if you operate in more mature markets.
Médias 360

Some Media Partners we Collaborate With:

Ideal for Clients Who:

have multiple significant stakeholders
want to engage in the local economy
compete fiercely for market share

Advertising, How Does It work?

Starting with your objectives and budget, we identify which advertising channels have the best potential to reach your target audience. Then, we evaluate, based on your existing material, what new advertising material is needed in order to plan the content used for each platform.

We ensure a clear understanding of the expected results, allowing us to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that we will monitor throughout the campaign. These results will be closely monitored and analyzed!

To measure the performance of your campaigns, we must first ensure that all your tools are up to date and/or configure them appropriately. Rest assured, we generally use the accounts and access you already own. We may create some new ones for you, but you will always be the owners. We believe it is important that all tools used for digital advertising belong directly to the clients.

Here, it’s straightforward! We create content in collaboration with our partners and design advertising campaigns according to the established plan.

We then validate that the campaign parameters are well defined: target, budget, content, duration, and tracking tools… everything is checked. And then, the magic happens: we officially launch the campaign!

But our work doesn’t stop there. On the contrary, it’s just beginning as we check that the campaign performs as expected in those initial 24 hours. We also monitor the results and investments via our integrated management platform.

Finally, we conduct tests and optimize campaigns by diversifying audiences or assets to best meet your needs.

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