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Everyone can master the digital assets of the web. Budget size aside, to compete in the digital world you simply need to establish adequate strategies based on current facts. We can give a helping hand to crack the code, discover our services.

A combination of Strategic Planning :

Digital Planning Strategies

Planning is the key to success and your digital strategy is no exception.

Effectively aligning your digital assets towards the right direction will drastically improve your online presence and enable you to gain ground on digital turf.

For an effective digital offense that fits your needs while respecting your budget, please contact us.

A combination campaign strategy :

Media planning

Media planning is the first step in any advertising campaign and the most crucial to achieving your objectives. Every element of your planning must be carefully considered, from the target audience, to the media used, the formats, the messages conveyed and the key periods.

These strategic choices are essential to promote your products and services to the right customers and to maximize your investments.

Learn more about media planning.

A combination of Organic Strategy :

Organic search engine optimization and campaign management (SEO & SEM)

Publishing a website is an important step for your business; the optimization strategy is just as critical. Your website’s ranking amidst the billions of daily search results is not chosen randomly. It is crucial for your business to put an effective SEO strategy in place to achieve your goals. In fact, such a strategy will allow you to reach top results in search queries related to your industry.

The key challenge is to rank appropriately in search engine results. This factor directly impacts the amount of traffic towards your website, which in turn affects your profits.

Search engine marketing does not require large sums of money and allows you to rapidly generate a return on your investment. With Google Partner Certification, we abide by Google’s best practices. Furthermore, our knowledge with Google Ads allows us to gain extra visibility for your online campaigns by finding the perfect combination of organic and paid traffic.

A combination of Analytical Strategy :


Digital advertising has disrupted the traditional advertising industry as we know it. Indeed, it has never been easier to track the performance of our campaigns and build quality target profiles. With this in mind, companies now have total control over the efficiency of their campaigns in order to achieve the optimal return on investment.

As Peter Parker’s uncle from the Spiderman movie once said, “With great power comes great responsibility’’. A successful performance analysis strategy enables you to focus your efforts where they are the most effective.

A combination of Benchmarking Strategy :


A company’s performance analysis is essential in campaign management. Which benchmarking tools to use are just as important. Indeed, it is crucial to configure basic elements before the campaign launch.

A quality analysis must be performed by professionals with expertise with these in-depth benchmarking tools. Understanding the slightest details of the behavior of your clients on the web is crucial to gain that competitive insight.

Choose your benchmarking tools wisely with your team of experts in performance analysis.

A combination of Creativity :


You have many things to do, and writing isn't one of them.

Leave the writing to us! Agence Code Marketing offers professional copywriting services to take your content marketing strategy to the next level. We have affordable packages for businesses of all sizes struggling with writer's block.

A combination of Local Strategy :


Local optimization is one of the essential optimization strategies that aim to acquire local prospects. It provides additional online visibility to your business in a specific physical location. It is important to be in the top search results in order to maintain a competitive advantage, especially when the customer is ready to check out.

There are different ways to achieve your goals. The winning stroke can take on different forms. Nonetheless, it is often recommended to implement local strategies to attract customers in your region, especially when your offerings are restricted to a physical location.

A combination of Social Strategy :


Social media campaigns can be very effective. Social platforms are inexpensive mediums that allow you to reinforce your brand image, develop your notoriety, modify your brand’s positioning, and much more.

To convert with our chosen audience, it’s important to plan and publish quality content to stand out in the news feed.

Your company’s social media presence is indispensable. The status of your brand image depends on it. Social media is ubiquitous and offers another perspective of your business to potential clients. The strategy behind the content, publishing timing, and ad placements should never be chosen randomly.

A combination of Targeting and Recruitment :

Geofencing for your staff recruitment

Having trouble recruiting staff? Let us help you!

Define specific areas according to your competitors, your neighborhood or elsewhere. Capture employees entering these targeted areas in real time using their mobile devices (for those who have given consent). Display your digital ads to these people of interest, and measure conversions from these recruitment ads.