Senior Digital Project Manager

Senior Digital
Project Manager

Between $32/hr and $41/hr or between $58,240 and $74,620 per year

100% remote working, while having an office available in Montreal 

Does your employer suddenly force you to return to the office every week and is costing you a lot of money? Or do you just want a really caring company to further your career? Whatever your reason for looking for a job at the moment, I hope I can convince you that Code Marketing could be the place for you, if this is the type of job that suits you.  

Code Marketing is on a high note, with many digital marketing and strategy projects coming through our doors. Our human and long-term client-oriented model positions us as real business partners for our clients. To support them, we are looking for a new, experienced Codian who can handle various marketing projects and offer high-quality customer service. 

You will be the pilot of digital marketing projects! You must be able to understand what is going on in the projects even if you don’t execute them. This also means that in front of clients, you must be comfortable enough with the material to explain and sometimes even advise clients on best practices in their business context. 

To do this job, you need to be someone who really enjoys organizing other people’s work (more than being organized!). If you work in a fast-paced environment, you’ll be in for a treat: new projects, a variety of clients, tricky project situations that need to be handled at the last minute, or adapting to internal changes (we’re constantly evolving). You have to be the person who says “the more the merrier”. Even if things move fast, you should know that we are still committed to preserving the balance of our colleagues, in particular through flexible working hours, a policy of right to disconnect and regular 35-hour weeks. 

This job requires the ability to juggle different priorities with confidence and professionalism. You could spend a lot of time in this position, learn to strategize and eventually even become a Customer Relationship Manager. 

And I’m going to mention a few details here that will make you want to read on even more. We are 100% remote work friendly with the possibility of going to our wonderful office located at the Spacial in Verdun only if you wish (beer is included!) and you can even telework from anywhere (even outside Canada). So yes, starting your work day with your team in Montreal and going for a run on the beach in Rio de Janeiro in the afternoon is possible!


Main responsibilities:

  • Take charge of the complete planning and organization of digital marketing projects, delegating tasks to the right experts and following up appropriately (schedule, budget, tasks). 
  • Execute projects from start-up to delivery by coordinating with various internal and external experts.
  • Cultivate excellent customer relations by communicating project progress to clients.
  • Advising clients and answering their questions in relation to their digital marketing projects. Yes, there are experts for the more technical side of things, but you need to be able to understand enough about digital marketing, the client’s environment, business context and objectives to be able to answer most questions and advise them on next steps if needed.
  • Manage and coordinate digital marketing deliverables with rigour and proactivity.
  • Communicate needs and issues with clients and specialists to ensure objectives are met and that deadlines and budgets are respected.
  • Contribute to the advancement of internal procedures. 

Skills required:

  • Minimum 4-5 years experience in a similar role in a digital agency or in digital marketing projects.
  • Experience with project management and organisation tools (Paymo, Asana, Harvest, Monday or other).
  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of digital marketing.
  • Experience with Google Ads and Google Analytics. 
  • Knowledge of Google Suite (Drive, Google Docs, Google Presentation, Google Sheets).
  • Bilingualism in French and English, an asset in speaking, essential in writing.
  • Completed Bachelor’s degree in marketing and/or communications or any other combination of relevant education and experience.
  • Strong attention to detail and thoroughness.
  • Initiative, autonomy and resourcefulness: able to work effectively under uncertainty and limited instructions, to plan tasks according to an objective to be achieved, to seek out the necessary information on one’s own; in short, to be highly proactive and resourceful.

Here's why Code Marketing may be your dream agency:

  • Work 35 hours a week, sometimes 40 if you feel like helping out a bit more, and get paid 100% of the hours you work.
  • Having paid informal time with your colleagues (you won’t go a day without at least seeing your colleagues a little!)
  • A four and a half day week: Fridays end at noon!
  • A really flexible schedule: you have a dentist appointment, your baby is sick or you just want to take an afternoon nap after a big lunch? You manage it the way you want! 
  • Group insurance plan including drug coverage, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, paramedical health care (physiotherapist, psychologist, etc.), eye care, a health management account and a telemedicine service, all for you or for your whole family, after 3 months on the job.
  • Employee assistance programs including mental health support, legal support and financial support.  
  • Responsible Group RRSP (only oil, weapons and child exploitation free investments) with employer contribution after your first 3 months on the job. The employer’s contribution % increases  after each year of seniority as well, up to a certain ceiling.  
  • Continuous training: do you want to develop your skills and follow a training course? You have an annual training budget and we encourage you to share it with us so that we can support you in this process. 
  • Dynamic team with the best sense of humour in town (but that’s for you to discover!).
  • Monthly face-to-face team events.
  • If you’re planning to go abroad for a few months, there’s no need to go into debt, you can just telework as long as there’s wifi! 
  • Right to disconnect policy: nobody is allowed to disturb you outside working hours or during your holidays. 
  • During the holiday season (between Christmas and New Year’s Day), the company is closed so everyone is on holiday! 
  • Generous allowance for setting up a teleworking office.
  • Monthly allowance for high speed internet at home.
  • Public transportation allowance if you live in the Montreal area and give up your car to get to the office. 
  • After 1 year of seniority, you will be eligible for the company’s profit sharing program. 

Conditions :

  • 100% telecommuting, possibility of going to the office in Verdun if desired. 
  • Full-time, daytime position, Monday to Friday at noon.
  • Regular weeks ranging from 35 to 40 hours per week (all hours paid!) with a flexible schedule (you get to go for a walk in the sun during the day without counting the minutes).
  • Salary offered depending on experience between $32.00/hour and $40.98/hour.
  • Overtime beyond 40 hours is paid or accrued as holiday (at time and a half, so x1.5) depending on preference.
  • 5 sick/personal days to take when you need them.
  • 3 weeks holiday for the summer.
  • Start date for February or March.

Contact with your CV, cover letter and availability for an interview within a week of sending your documents. This way we will know that you really took the trouble to read the job offer to the end 😉