Building the Future Together

Joining Code means immersing yourself in a community of authentic and dedicated marketing enthusiasts, within an agency that partners for continuous evolution.

Our Internal Code

Agency Life, Redefined!

Your efforts are valued, and every working hour is compensated.

Experience true flexibility: work remotely or in the office, based on your needs.

Your voice is heard; we involve our team in decision-making.

Achieve authentic work-life balance – for us, it's more than just a concept!

No judgment, 100% inclusion, that’s our commitment. We celebrate your strengths.

Whether clients or employees, humanity is the core of our company.

Our Code of Conduct

Everything Starts with Our Values

Valeurs Code Marketing
Empathy and Openness

At Code, these values are as inseparable as they are indispensable. We cultivate lasting relationships and foster an inclusive culture rooted in compassion. Moving forward together means understanding each other’s perspectives and embracing curiosity about our differences!

Integrity and Authenticity

We wanted to create an environment that was honest, reliable, and trustworthy, where everyone could be themselves. Today, we can confidently say that mission is accomplished! We pride ourselves on being an authentic team where integrity guides our decisions.

Commitment and Rigor

We create impact without compromising on quality, both in our work and our relationships. We aim for excellence, not perfection! For us, this involves empowerment, determination, and motivation to achieve our ambitions.

Our Approach

How We’re Shaping the Universe

Code emerged from the collision of two ground-breaking ideas: democratizing marketing and crafting an organization that defies industry norms. A Big Bang that laid the foundation for an agency where the pursuits of clients and employees propel genuine growth. We hold a firm belief in the transformative power of marketing for the greater good and in its ability to positively shape outcomes. Ambitious, isn’t it? Yet, we acknowledge we can’t navigate this journey alone. That’s why we lean on a robust and unified team. Sounds too good to be true? Rest assured, the image we present has been tried and tested; we’ve secured the Organisation Humainement Distinctive certification. Ready to come aboard?

Our Perks

The Code Experience

We place a strong emphasis on the balance between professional and personal life. That’s why, for several years now, we have implemented a Disconnection Policy. Essentially, this means that we have taken concrete measures to ensure you can fully enjoy your evenings, weekends, and vacation weeks in complete tranquility!

At Code, we take flexibility seriously! Whether you prefer working remotely or in the office, the choice is yours. We don’t separate personal and professional life; it’s all just one life, and we entrust you to balance both. We also believe that work should be done without interruptions, so Fridays are dedicated focus days with no meetings, allowing you to end your week with quiet productivity.

Workcation? Why not! You can work from anywhere in the world as long as your tax residence is in Canada, and that the time difference allows for a reasonable overlap with the agency’s working hours. After all, what better way to fuel discussions around the (virtual!) coffee machine than with anecdotes and adventures from our colleagues abroad?

Curiosity fuels both your career and the agency! With an individual training budget, collective brainstorms, and Lunch & Learn sessions, continuous learning is woven into our code. If you enjoy exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge, you’ve found the right place!

At Code, there’s no barrier between leadership and employees. Our organizational structure is so non-hierarchical that it’s literally shaped like a hexagon! Everyone can contribute to the decision-making process and share their opinions without fear of judgment. We prioritize transparency: the company’s results and progress towards goals are regularly shared with the team.

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Open doors, engagement surveys, regular feedback, continuous support—we’re tuned in to our Codians’ thoughts and insights. Without active listening, communication goes silent.

Our Fun Team keeps the good times rolling with monthly events on the last Thursday of every month and special celebrations sprinkled throughout the year. Wondering how we connect from a distance, minus the usual coffee machine banter? Enter the Virtual Coffee Machine – a twice-weekly rendezvous for laid-back discussions and playful activities! Beyond being entertaining, these meetings help us cultivate a strong team spirit no matter where you are in the world.

We stand for fair and just compensation, which is why every hour worked is compensated. Overtime is voluntary and can be rewarded with pay or time off based on your preference. Our salaries are based on an established pay scale that is communicated transparently. You won’t have to fight for a well-deserved raise!

At Code, we believe that balance is a prerequisite for performance. That’s why everyone starts with a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation, enhanced based on experience and in-line with our established scale. You also get 5 personal days to use as you wish. We’ve chosen to provide 3 additional holidays beyond the ones mandated by the government, including the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Collective performance is an integral part of our philosophy. When we succeed, everyone succeeds! With the profit-sharing program, each collaborator gets their fair share of the cake, calculated justly and equitably.

To make your life easier and ensure you work in optimal conditions, we provide an allowance for setting up your home office and high-speed internet. As we care about the environment, we also offer an allocation to encourage the use of public transportation. Finally, benefits that make a difference!

In health, it’s better to prevent than to cure. You are eligible for our group insurance plan (50% paid by the employer) after 2 months in the position. This includes access to telemedicine services and an employee assistance program through the Lumino Health platform powered by Dialogue.

It’s never too early to think about your golden years! From the 3rd month on the job, our Codians are eligible for our collective RRSP program with employer contributions. We collaborate for sound financial management, and our contribution to your RRSP is determined based on the number of years you accumulate at Code!

Positions Available

Senior Advisor in Digital Performance

We are looking for an expert in SEM, capable of exercising leadership in strategy, consulting and management of digital campaigns with clients. We are looking for someone with good versatility, capable of juggling varied responsibilities and diversified companies.

Spontaneous Application

Believe we’re a great fit? If you share our values and philosophy but haven’t spotted the right position, don’t hesitate to send us your application. Let’s explore the impact we can create together!

We Have Our Own
Theory of Evolution

Here at Code, we partner to evolve and strategize for excellence. Your ambitions are our starting point for a 2.0 marketing strategy that amplifies your impact on the world!