We fuel our passion for digital marketing with growing companies to maximize their success with leading edge skills and engaging relationships.

Our team contributes to the digital performance of our clients. We rely on the personal expertise of each member and their ability to combine their strengths together. Apply to join our join team. We are constantly looking for fresh talent. Send us your application!


Philippe Bussières

President - Digital Performance Strategist
Strategy, analysis and SEO
Vulgarizing and leadership
Empathetic and go-getter
Communicates often in cat language
Google Ads
Google Analytics

Jérémie Jacques

Digital Advertising Consultant
Advertising management, performance tools and consulting services
Efficient and results-oriented
Patient and fun
Goes to bed late but is always well rested
Google Ads

Simon Ste-Marie

Account Director
Customer service, SEO and advertising management
Client-oriented and team player
Sens of humour and witty
Huge viet fan

Laurianne Lachapelle

Director of Finance and Human Resources
Accounting, management and administrative management
Solution oriented and enterprising
Cheerful and authentic
It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Yves Michel

Commercial partner
360 media planning, media strategy and customer service
Strategic and creative
Interpersonal skills and team player
I strongly protect the few hairs I have left

Marie Michel

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Project management, geofencing and SEO
Adaptability and disciplined
Energetic and committed
If I could stay in my pajamas 24/7, trust me I would!

Claudine Chouinard-Beaulieu

Social media manager
Social media, project management and SEO
Proactive and versatile
Dynamic and resourceful
No one can get through a bag of Skittles as fast as I can

Thomas Lacroix

Digital Marketing Campaign Manager
Campaign management, Web design and SEO
Diligent and responsible
Resourceful and patient
Not excellent in any sport but good in all

Lanéa Theaudin-Pagesy

Digital Marketing Campaign Manager
Advertising management, SEO and project management
Detail oriented and involved
Transparent and curious
I don't eat to live, I live to eat

Julien Réhel

Vice President Customer Experience
Strategy, consulting services and social media
Results oriented and rigorous logic
Creative and unifying