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What Search Terms Generate Organic Traffic on My Website?

5 November 2020

As website owners, we constantly want to know who is visiting our site, which pages are viewed the most, how many minutes a user is browsing it, and a multitude of other things. These basic statistics are compiled in Google Analytics, but you already know that. There is, however, one super important metric that requires additional installation effort. Continue reading to find out more.

Google Search Console, My Ally

You have probably already wondered which registered keywords on search engines drive users on your site. Well, the answer to that question can be found in Google Search Console. This tool allows us, among other things, to see the click-through rate, the average position, the number of impressions and the number of clicks on keywords, sitemaps and also the cover errors of the pages of your website.

It is also possible to view this report in Google Analytics, but if these two tools are not linked, nothing will appear.

Welcome to Google Search Console!

It is important that you create your account with the same email address used for your Google Analytics account; otherwise you will not be able to confirm that the property is yours. There are also three other methods available to validate the property, but they require a bit more programming knowledge.

You then have to redo this process 3 times, in order to ultimately have all the variations of the URL covered. These URLs vary with HTTP (s) and whether or not WWW is used. Here are the possible ones:


Synchronize Google Search Console and GA

Finally, in order to fully integrate the tools, you have to synchronize the Search console with Google Analytics. You will be able to see all your results in one same tool. Here are the steps to follow in Google Analytics:

Admin> Property settings> Adjust search console> Add> Choose your account

Save Time and Additional Information

In short, this fairly simple maneuver will save you research time and you will have much more information in your possession to analyze! All the choices and actions you take next, regarding what content to publish on your website, will be directly influenced by these newly accessible metrics. It’s your turn!

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