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Interns, New Allies to the Lack of Manpower

5 November 2020

It’s no secret that the lack of employees is now the scourge of the moment. Like all other businesses, you are probably looking for solutions to this problem. What if there was a way to recruit your employees directly from school?

The University of Sherbooke’s Coop Program

You are probably aware that it is possible to hire a university student. The catch is that interns are usually in school from September through May and can only work full time in the summer. Therefore, for the rest of the year, it is virtually impossible to hire more students full time.

Obviously, it was only a matter of time before a school adjusted to this new reality. The University of Sherbrooke launched the Coop program, which is today the most recognized cooperative internship program in Quebec. Every year, 5,000 paid internships are coordinated by the Co-op Work Term and Professional Development Services. Whether in engineering, computer science, science or administration, there are more than 50 university programs that offer cooperative placements.

The major difference from a Coop course to a normal course is the number of semesters per school year. Normally, a school year has two semesters (fall and winter), while a school year with internships has three semesters (fall, winter and summer). This change allows students to have three internships during their undergraduate degree, one in the fall, one in the winter and one in the summer. This will give you the opportunity to hire an intern regardless of the time of year.

The Advantages of the Program

Obviously, there are several advantages to hiring an intern through the Coop program.

First, you will be supported throughout the process by the Co-op Work Term and Professional Development Services. Whether during the hiring process where all documents, cover letters and CVs are sent in through an intranet or during the interview period when meetings with potential candidates are organized according to your schedule and your availability.

Each intern also has a university supervisor who stays in contact with them throughout their internship with your company. The supervisor will also visit the student as well as their boss to ensure that both parties are satisfied and to suggest improvements where necessary.

Finally, tools have been created by the Internship and Placement Service to help the intern’s professional development. They allow you to clearly establish goals that the student must achieve throughout their internship. In addition, the final internship report and individual development plan allows you to track the intern’s progress and determine if it is worth hiring another one the following semester.

As a bonus, interns help you expand your network with future professionals. Keep in mind that a former intern could potentially become a permanent employee upon graduation. There are also several grants available for student employment.

Code Marketing’s Interns

At Code Marketing, this is our third time recruiting interns. It allows us to test ourselves as educators but also to equip ourselves with new visions and skills on a regular basis. This year, the selection was excellent, let us introduce our three recruits: Anthony Fontaine, Justin Barache and Jean-François Sherazi.

Anthony Fontaine

Anthony Fontaine

As a student in business with a marketing concentration, Anthony is now doing his third and final internship. Being in his last year of his bachelor’s degree, he already has the attitude of a professional with several years of experience. He will be starting a master’s degree in e-commerce next year. His main mission is to help campaign managers in their tasks, such as creating and optimizing advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads. He has also obtained several Google certifications related to these platforms since the start of his internship. Always up for whatever task he is assigned, he constantly wants to learn more.

Justin Bastarache

Justin on a bike

As a business student with a marketing and business technology management background, Justin is completing his first internship. Entrepreneur prodigy, he already has two businesses rolling on the side including CapTen, a company that gives 10% of its profits from caps to cleaning plastic in the oceans, and Four Reality which produces lifestyle clothing in collaboration with gamers, while giving back to the community. Being a true website expert, his main mission is the modification and constant improvement of our clients’ Websites. He also helps us develop the brand image of our agency, and finally, he is our official translator !

Jean-François Sherazi

Jean-Francois Sherazi

Student in mathematics, Jean-françois is doing his third and last internship. He is a lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke and writes mathematics columns. His main mission is to automate campaign reports by working with data from Google Analytics to find more effective solutions to our clients’ problems under the supervision of the Director of Business Intelligence. Passionate about statistics and with the ambition to do a doctorate in machine learning, he helps develop a tool that would be able to model digital campaigns and predict their results.

Curious to Know More About Our Team?

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